If you are looking for peace and harmony for the body and the soul, if you need tonicity and energy, the mineral water swimming pool of the Sredna Gora Hotel is what you need! Here you can enjoy pleasant atmosphere with fresh mountain air. The water temperature in winter is 41°С, and in summer 31°С.



Enter the world of SPA and find out what it means to live in harmony. Get rid of all the stress with herbal and aromatic massages. Relax and enjoy the soothing healing skin care, which will help you look and feel healthy. This is your SPA experience!



The sauna is a way to relax and rest, especially in the cold days. The health benefits during colds and stress are big; it is suitable for recovery after heavy trainings. A few minutes after entering the sauna, the body begins to sweat, the pores open and purify themselves from the accumulated toxins. The sauna improves the blood circulation, has detoxifying and immunostimulatory effect. The central nervous and cardiovascular systems are also very well influenced.